Fighting A Chronic Illness? A Chiropractor May Help


Arthritis, asthma, allergies and heart disease head up a long list of chronic illnesses that frequently need all the solutions the patients can find to fight the burden.

Diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, and obesity, also fall into this category. Often patients fighting life long illness are frustrated in their search for relief from pain and ongoing solutions. Their condition swallows up energy and often underscores every day with pain.

But a chiropractor may be able to supply additional help to these frustrated patients. The chiropractor approaches the patient, assessing the health of the spine to find answers without surgery or medications. The chiropractor starts with spinal manipulation and then takes a complete medical history and reviews the patient’ activities. I have known several people with chronic illnesses who went from one place to another, reading, researching and seeing a variety of people. Sometimes they found real solutions, but sometimes they found their lives stuck in a permanent chronic illness groove.

The chiropractor has helped many of them concentrating on the spinal nerve stress that affects the spinal cord, brain stem, and spinal nerves, sometimes preventing the body from functioning normally. I had a relative who fought with obesity for many years. She tried every diet and sometimes found success, dropping 30 or 40 pounds and happily discarding all of her “fat clothes.”

But soon she would fall back into old grooves and find her weight trapping her in a frustrating cycle again. After seeing a chiropractor she found a fresh path with a series of visits that increased her mobility and her motivation. She continued the sessions on a regular basis, along with a series of relaxation exercises and yoga classes. Gradually the weight began to drop, and stay off. She said she finally turned a corner that worked.

I had another friend who had suffered from allergies for years. He maintained an OK level with allergy medications, monitoring his environment and avoiding known triggers. But his allergies were always there determining a lot of his life choices.

Together he and his chiropractor started a series of visits with the goal of helping his nervous system to function better and improve the immune system allowing it to fight all of the allergies. The results allowed my friend to speed up his life, take trips that he could not have taken, and consider launching several other projects that he simply had not had the energy to do before.

If the chronic illness is an ongoing burden for you or someone in your family, consider seeing a chiropractor as an additional way to find relief and more assistance.