Custom Orthotics

Shoar Chiropractic experts design custom orthotics that correct your foot function and relieve your pain so you can function at your highest potential. We help you stand and walk more comfortably.

Improve Common Foot Problems with Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are devices that are specially molded to fit your feet so you can experience greater comfort, support, and relief from foot problems such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic foot ulcers. Orthotics are customized just for you after your doctor performs a complete evaluation of your legs, ankles, and feet, and are designed to fit your unique contours and foot structure.

Custom orthotics have the ability to improve your foot function and walking gait and can help relieve foot, heel, and ankle pain. These devices bring your feet back into proper alignment to reduce the stress and strain on your body caused by an unnatural gait and pronation issues. Custom orthotics fit comfortably into your shoes just like many insoles and shoe inserts but are much more effective at correcting foot problems since they are molded directly from imprints of your feet.

People who benefit from custom orthotics are those with foot pain, back pain, hip pain, or knee pain. People who suffer from diabetes and arthritis may also benefit from orthotics. Many athletes and runners can use custom orthotics to keep their feet properly aligned, prevent injury, and boost efficiency for their muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Did you know?

Orthotics date back nearly 2,000 years when people placed layers of wool into their sandals to relieve foot pain and benefit from extra cushioning and support. During the mid-19th century, people began placing leather lifts in their shoes to gain extra arch support. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first real orthotics were created in the form of a stiff, metal device that supported the heels and arch. However, this device was uncomfortable, heavy, and bulky. Today’s custom orthotics are far lighter, flexible, and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Orthotics


How often should I wear custom orthotics?

Wear your orthotics as much as possible to benefit from better support, pain relief, and less overall discomfort. If you frequently swap out your footwear during the day, such as to change into athletic shoes to exercise, talk to your doctor about getting a second pair of custom orthotics designed specifically for your fitness activity.

Which shoes should I wear with custom orthotics?

Any type of shoes or sandals with removable insoles can be worn with your custom orthotics. Simply remove the insoles that came with your shoes and replace them with your orthotics.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics can last anywhere between one and five years based on your activity level and how often you use them. Your custom orthotics may need to be replaced if they show signs of wear and tear such as thin soles, broken soles, or cracks. Custom orthotics should also be replaced if you’re experiencing back, feet, or ankle pain, or if you’ve experienced any major life changes that can impact your foot health such as pregnancy or knee replacement surgery.

Why are my new custom orthotics so uncomfortable?

Orthotics work by realigning the structure of each of your feet — meaning you may feel some pressure and discomfort in the beginning as your foot structure begins to change. If your new custom orthotics feel uncomfortable, limit your wear to brief, two-hour intervals and gradually increase your wear time over the next few weeks.

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