Your personalized weight-loss program

Our personalized, comprehensive approach to weight loss is based on resetting your metabolism and correcting the underlying causes of weight gain.

Our metabolic weight-loss program

Our personalized, comprehensive approach to weight loss is based on resetting your metabolism and correcting the underlying causes of weight gain. Components of your personalized weight-loss program may include interventions for:

  • Correcting hormonal imbalances
  • Reducing and preventing chronic inflammation
  • Evaluating and managing stress (a common cause of elevated hormones that trigger fat storage in the midsection)
  • Identifying and addressing genetic variants that may impair your metabolism
  • Developing a personalized nutrition plan suited to your unique DNA markers
  • Providing precision supplementation specially formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies for which you are most at risk

Our expertise in metabolic weight loss

Our metabolic weight-loss program is based on 14 years of treating obesity, with more than 1.8 million patient visits. We have used this experience to develop an evidence-based, intelligent weight-loss program that addresses the unique needs of each individual patient. Our program continues to evaluate new research and studies to quickly incorporate new findings so that we remain at the forefront of medically managed weight-loss programs.

Our success rate speaks for itself: 99.79% of our patients lose weight, and the average patient loses 27 pounds in 4 months on our program.

In a randomized study of more than 10,000 patients, 52% of our patients lost 10% of their body weight, and 1,890 participants maintained their weight loss — that’s 3 times the national average.

How does metabolic weight loss work?

When you partner with Quest Weight Loss, we will analyze your personal data to develop a custom-tailored, comprehensive, medically supported weight-loss program.

During your initial visit, we will review your primary health goals, risks, and lifestyle factors. We will also obtain an EKG and several other relevant labs.

Your program with being customized to address your personal goals and health needs, and will be re-evaluated continually and adapted as needed to fit your lifestyle and help you make progress towards your goals.

The core components of our metabolic weight-loss program

Advanced testing

To correct underlying health issues that may be impairing your metabolism, we first have to understand what’s happening inside your body. Our advanced testing includes a complete metabolic profile to help us understand your body chemistry and the way it’s using energy (your metabolism).

Your labs will also help us identify any hormone imbalances that may be affecting your body’s ability to use and store energy. Abnormal levels of insulin, cortisol, leptin, and other hormones are common culprits that can make your body more likely to store excess weight in the form of fat.

We also offer advanced DNA testing, which allows us to identify genetic variants that further influence the way your body processes and responds to different foods. Studies show that people using a diet that is customized to their individual genetic traits can lose up to 287% more excess weight.

Your DNA results will also reveal areas of potential risks and nutritional deficiencies, which will provide us with additional opportunities to optimize aspects of your health that could be getting in the way of your goals.

Precision nutrition

You’ll receive a custom precision nutrition program based on your personal health information, metabolic measurements, and genetic markers. We’ll provide you with approved foods and exact serving recommendations, so there’s never any guesswork. Our meal plans can also be tailored to meet the needs of different patients, including pediatric, postpartum, and vegetarian patients.

The ProLon fasting mimicking diet

All of our patients begin with a 5-day fasting mimicking diet that facilitates a metabolic reset and prepares the body to respond to our core Vivaldi program. The ProLon fasting mimicking diet has been clinically proven to promote lower levels of markers related to excess weight and unhealthy aging, including insulin, C-reactive protein (a marker of chronic inflammation), and insulin-like growth factor-

Clinical studies of ProLon have also shown an increase in stem cell rejuvenation, healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, healthy levels of glucose, and decreased body fat and abdominal fat combined with the preservation of lean body mass.

Personalized supplements

Our metabolic weight-loss program includes evidence-based nutritional supplements that will help you reach your weight-loss and wellness goals. Studies indicate that proper supplementation can promote an additional six pounds of weight loss in conjunction with a precision nutrition program.

Patients in our study who received targeted, evidence-based supplements and injections as part of their weight-loss program lost 50% more weight than those who did not.

Your supplement regimen is based on your individual needs, focused on improving metabolic function, and formulated to target conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, stress, cardiovascular risks, and more.

Get started today with a no-cost consultation! We’ll answer any of your questions and discuss how we can best help you reach your weight-loss and wellness goals. There is never any obligation.

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