Prenatal Care

Low risks during pregnancy may be just a chiropractor visit away. Here’s what you should know about the chiropractic care pre-pregnancy and during it.

Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms with Prenatal Care

During pregnancy, your body goes through a series of physiological changes as it creates a healthy environment for your growing baby. Changes to your posture, pelvis, and abdomen can throw your joints or spine out of alignment and cause pain throughout your pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help you achieve and maintain good pelvic balance and alignment so your baby has enough room to grow and you can experience safe natural labor and delivery.

Chiropractic prenatal care offers countless benefits for pregnant women, including reduced nausea, relief from back pain, reduced labor and delivery time, and a lowered risk of C-section delivery.

Sometimes, labor may start and stop due to the improper positioning of the baby, which can indicate the pelvis is out of alignment. But chiropractic care helps restore proper pelvis alignment and optimizes nervous system function so you can experience less pain and more seamless delivery.

Did you know?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy loosen the ligaments around your pelvic bone so your baby can move more easily through the birth canal at the time of delivery. However, these hormones also affect the ligaments throughout the rest of your body and make it more susceptible to alignment problems. Misalignment in pregnant women can lead to pelvic pain, back pain, rib pain, and sciatica — which is a weakness, numbness, and pain in your lower back and the lower part of your body.

Chiropractic prenatal care can help correct the position of a breech baby. Receiving manual adjustments during the eighth month of your pregnancy can encourage your baby to move into the natural head-down position so you can experience a safer delivery with a lowered risk for complications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prenatal Care

How exactly does prenatal chiropractic care relieve pregnancy-related pain?

During the third trimester, your baby’s head can put excess pressure on your bladder, back, legs, and buttocks, and irritate the sciatic nerve. Pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause severe pain throughout your lower body but can be relieved using manual chiropractic adjustments.

How does prenatal care prepare my body for natural childbirth?

C-section deliveries are often performed for babies that stay in breech position. If your baby is in breech position and your birth plan calls for a natural birth with minimal interventions, chiropractic adjustments can gently nudge your baby into turning around and settling into the proper position.

Is it safe to receive chiropractic adjustments throughout my pregnancy?

Yes, you can safely receive chiropractic adjustments during every stage of your pregnancy. Getting regular adjustments throughout your pregnancy can help you maintain proper pelvic and spine alignment since these organs start tilting during pregnancy to accommodate your baby. Keeping your pelvis and spine aligned gives your baby more room in which to grow and move around.

How can prenatal care decrease my labor time?

Your nervous system controls the labor and birthing process since nerves control the contractions of your uterus during labor along with the dilation of your cervix. Chiropractic care can improve nervous system function so your uterus and cervix can perform optimally during childbirth. 

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