Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthritis) can be debilitating and in some cases, patients struggle with this disease as they have good days and bad days.

There are days when you feel like you can live with it, and then there are days when you just feel like an old you. Some of the contributing factors that play crucial roles in bringing onsets of degenerative joint disease symptoms (Osteoarthritis) are work environment, incorrect posture, improper nutrition, obesity, lack of exercise, and previous sports joint injuries.

The first reaction of many people is to run to their orthopedic doctor or surgeon for answers. If you’re looking for a non-invasive conservative meaningful treatment for Degenerative Osteoarthritis that will help relieve your pain, manage your symptoms, and reverse the effects of Osteoarthritis disease, then chiropractic care may be a viable solution that you should explore.

At Shoar Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Rehab center, you will be examined and treated by one of the best Chiropractic practitioners, Dr. Shoar. With 28 years of experience in treating and managing Degenerative Osteoarthritis using the best chiropractic methods and physical therapy modalities, Dr. Shoar will create an individualized treatment plan for each patient that will include chiropractic spinal adjustments manipulations, physical therapy modalities, proper vitamins, and mineral supplements, dietary changes, rehab therapy, and in-office and home exercise programs.

We help you prevent the onset and help heal your Osteoarthritis so that you minimize the number of bad days and make your good days much more frequent. Contact us and make an appointment to say goodbye to pain! We serve you in Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Ventura, and all other areas in Southern California.